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"Mission accomplished! What better proof of the efficiency of Roberta Rosen? I had a huge challenge before me as a non American citizen facing a cultural difference and having what I thought was a weakness in written and oral skills. Roberta helped me gain confidence, gave me the tools to face and overcome the culture difference, and gave me some advice that turned out to be key elements for my interview process. Listen and apply what you learn with Roberta, and this is a guarantee for success."

Stephane Kahloun
Cisco Systems

"Roberta had an hour to prepare me for a job interview, she iterated there will be 4 interview questions to go over. She meticulously assisted in looking at my work and life experiences, which we then used for the answers. Then, she coached my execution in answering the questions.

When I went for the job interview, the manager asked those 4 questions that I had prepared for. Obviously, I was extended an offer. I called Roberta and asked, "How did you know the manager would ask those 4 questions?" Roberta said, "It comes from all the years of research and working with employers and employees."

I am fortunate to have Roberta as my career coach and you would be too."

James Ha

"The company came through and offered a nice counter offer and we have agreed to move forward together. Thank you so much for all your help and assistance once again. You truly are a great asset to people like me who just need an outsider to be open and clear on how to manage things so close to our hearts and minds. You are wonderful! Thank you so much. "

Lance R.

"Roberta Rosen is an excellent Career Coach and great motivator. She has the amazing ability to help her clients find their unique career paths. Roberta is intuitive and listens carefully to every detail.

"It is this wonderful combination of skills and many years of experience that enable her to focus on what's importantto her clients so they can be happy in their future endeavors. Roberta helped me break the cycle of making unsuccessful career choices. After each session with her, I felt excited about my new direction and empowered to move forward."

Rachel Goldstein
RachelGo Creative Solutions

"Roberta Rosen was very helpful to me recently as I sought to embark upon a change of direction with respect to my career. She offered me supportive guidance by listening carefully to my needs and helping me remain focused throughout my job search campaign.

"I owe her many thanks for her thoughtful guidance and trusted methods, and would recommend her services without reservation."

Lou Boudreau
Software Engineer

"Roberta Rosen is completely professional and also very personable, which is just right combination when working through a transitional period. She showed me ways to vary my cover letter, resume, and interview prompts to suit the recipient. She also coached me on speaking in a variety of situations. She always has a choice of words or phrases from which I can find the ones most authentic to me. She is always responsive, and always encouraging. It is good to have her in my corner."

Kathleen Hansen
City of Oakland