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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How would you help me figure out what my next career should be?

A: Through a career discovery process we will customize a plan together that can start you down the path to finding a job you will enjoy. Assessments, your own strengths, your life experiences as well as the business realities in the job world today, all help to guide us along the way.

Q: I hate my job. How can you help me?

A: We will work on finding a short term solution while we put a plan in place that will take you closer to finding your authentic vocation.

Q: I know the job that I want. When I send my resume, I get no response at all. What else should I do?

A: We will look together at the unadvertised job market and strategize more effective ways to find the position you are looking for.

Q: Although I've had many interviews, I never seem to be chosen. What should I do differently?

A: As a certified interview coach, we will role-play different responses to interview questions and make sure that you are ready to beat the "competition".