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Articles By Roberta J. Rosen

November 2007

In my interview with Jaclyne Badal of the Wall Street Journal, I answered questions concerning how an employee could "Lobby for a bonus" and best prepare for their annual review. To read the article, see: Lobbying for Your Bonus

May 2007

I was asked by Robert Detman of the San Francisco Career Section to answer some questions about resumes and what should be considered when we are crafting ours.To read the article see: The Medium is the Message: Building the Perfect Resume

February 2007

Susan Ireland, the famous resume writer, recently had the following question on her blog The Job Lounge : "How should someone with a variety of skills write their resume?"

My answer to her was: "No, don't write a general resume. Instead, write a resume that supports the type of work you want to do next..." Read more

Philadelphia Metro

November 2005

In an article for the Philadelphia Metro, I was interviewed for my thoughts on graduating seniors and new Job seekers. My suggestion was: "Be prepared by thoroughly researching the company before you go to the interview. When you go in bring at least five questions that you would like to have the answer to. Make certain that you can tell some stories that give examples that differentiate you."